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Why we celebrate Independence Day on 15 August?

We celebrate Independence Day on 15 August every year to commemorate this day as the first day of independence and also remember the sacrifices of all the great leaders who sacrificed their lives to bring independence to India.

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Independence Day Speech in English 2020 for Students

Indepdence Day 2020 Speech in English

Good morning to all my dear teachers, parents and my dear friends.  Today we have gathered here to celebrate this great national event. As we all know that Independence Day is a very auspicious occasion for all of us.  India's Independence Day is an important day for all Indian citizens and has been mentioned in history.  It is the day when our great freedom fighters of India got freedom from British rule after many years of struggle.  We celebrate Independence Day on 15 August every year to commemorate this day as the first day of independence and also remember the sacrifices of all the great leaders who sacrificed their lives to bring independence to India.

15 august short speech in english

India was liberated from British rule on 15 August 1947.  After that we all got our fundamental rights in our motherland and our country.  We all should feel proud to be an Indian and praise our destiny that we were born on the land of an independent India.  The history of India tells us everything during slavery.  How our ancestors fought fiercely and faced the British. We cannot sit here and imagine how difficult independence for India from British rule was.  From the years 1857 to 1947 many of our freedom fighters fought and sacrificed for many decades.  The first time in 1857 the Indian soldier (Mangal Pandey) first raised a voice against the British government.

After that many great freedom fighters fought a long struggle for independence.  He devoted his entire life just to freedom. We can never forget the sacrifices of Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose and Chandrashekhar Azad.  Who sacrificed themselves at an early age to fight for their country.  How can we ignore all the struggles of Netaji and Gandhiji? Gandhiji was a great man who taught a great lesson of non-violence to the whole world, not just India.  At the same time there was one who led India to get freedom with the help of non-violence. India finally gained independence on 15 August 1947 after a long struggle.

independence day speech in english short

Friends, we are so lucky that our ancestors gave us a land of peace and happiness, where we can sleep all night without any fear and live in our school or home with all day's peace and joy.  Our country is developing very fast in technology, education, sports, finance and various other fields. This was not possible before independence.  Now India is one of the nuclear power countries.  We are moving forward by actively participating in the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games.  We have the right to choose our government and the world's largest democracy. Yes ... we are free and we have complete freedom.  But we should not feel free from responsibilities towards our country. As responsible citizens of the country, we should always be ready to handle any emergency situation in our country.

Short speech on Independence Day 2020 for Students
Short speech on Independence Day 2020 for Students

Respected Principal sir, Deputy Principal sir, honorable teachers and dear colleagues.  Today, on the occasion of Independence Day, I am feeling very happy to get the opportunity to express my thoughts in front of you, let me tell you about the importance of Independence Day.

Independence Day is a historic festival, 73 years ago, India got independence from the British.  India, which had lost its existence, regained its identity. The British came to India and after knowing and examining its surroundings very carefully, keeping in view our weaknesses, attacked us and ruled for nearly two hundred years.  Our brave warriors fought many battles and after that we got independence on 15 August 1947.
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Since then till date, we have been celebrating 15 August as Independence Day every year.  The flag is hoisted at the Red Fort every year by our honorable Prime Minister. After this they address the country and then some colorful programs are presented.  To see this, people go to Delhi from far away and those who cannot go there, they watch it live. In this way we celebrate our Independence Day by remembering our brave soldiers.
Jai Hind.

Independence day speech in english short and sweet

[15th August Speech] Independence Day 2020 Speech in english

15th August Speech

Good morning to the chief guest, principal, teachers and my dear friends.  I wish all of you a very happy Independence Day! Today, I have the opportunity to speak on Independence Day, I feel honored.  August 15 has always been so special to us that a day when we remember all the glory of our country as we remember the struggles, rebellions and efforts of Indian freedom fighters fighting Indian independence.  India's Independence Day not only signifies the independence of India from the rule of the British Raj, but it also shows the power of this country. And it shows when he unites all the people of this country.
Independence day speech

The country has only moved forward day by day and is on its way to becoming a superpower.  Before the completion of four years of India's independence, we strengthened the country by making it a republic with the introduction of the constitution, which bends the whole world.  We are a country of vast diversity, and our unity makes us a strong nation. From technology to agriculture we are one of the top countries in the world, and there is no going back from here because we are always on the move to grow and improve.

Today, as we remember all the achievements of our country on Independence Day, let us not forget our soldiers.  Thank you to our brave soldiers that we can live in peace in our country because of them because we know that they are always there to protect us.  They protect us from terrorist forces threatening India. Let us be inspired by our soldiers and work together to make our country a better place to live.  No country is perfect, and we also have shortcomings. On this Independence Day 2019, we pledge to do our work as citizens to make our country great.

I want to thank you once again for listening carefully to my speech and I want to thank you all for speaking out in front of me.  And I want to give you a chance to talk too. Jai Hind! I salute you, Mother!"

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Independence Day 2020 par Speech in English

Respected Chief Guest Sir, Respected teachers, parents and colleagues.  I am happy to receive the opportunity to express my thoughts on this auspicious occasion of Independence Day.  This is our 73rd Independence Day celebration. Exactly 73 years ago, we got independence. The story of our freedom struggle is very big, which cannot be described in a day.  Independence Day is very important for every Indian.

We were ruled by the British 73 years ago, they came to India on the pretext of trade and gradually took everything under their control and made us their slaves.  Then on 15 August 1947 India became independent after many agitations and fights. Due to the brave warriors of our country, we have become independent today and celebrate this day by paying tribute to those people.  Independence Day is one of the national festivals of India.
Jai Hind.

Independence Day 2020 Speech

India is celebrating 74th Independence Day.  The country became independent on August 15, 1947, after the British ruled India for many years.  During the British rule, the British oppressed the country in many ways, after which the country gained independence after sacrificing many great men.  Many great men played an important role in liberating India from the clutches of the British. Some of these names are Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad etc.

The tricolor is hoisted at all schools, government offices, etc. on Independence Day.  Also the national anthem is sung. At the same time, laddoo distribution is also done among the students in schools.  On the eve of Independence Day, the President gives 'Address to the Nation'. The capital and all government buildings are decorated with colorful lights on the eve of Independence Day.

On the occasion of Independence Day, the Prime Minister of the country hoists the national flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort in the national capital, Delhi.  He gives a speech addressing the people of the country. During this time, many people are present to listen to his speech and to watch other programs. It has been many decades since the country was liberated and during this time the country has achieved many kinds of achievements.  Scientists of the country recently raised the value of the country to the whole world by successfully testing Chandrayaan 2.

Chandrayaan 2 is sent to the South Pole of the Moon.  At the same time, India conducted the first test on 11 May 1998.  At that time the Government of India had announced that India's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and this test has been done to make India self-reliant in the field of energy.  In this way, the country achieved a major achievement in the field of science.

Since the country's independence, India also achieved a major achievement in the field of sports.  In 1983, India won the Cricket ODI under the leadership of Kapil Dev. After this, India won the second World Cup in 2011.  At the same time, India also won many gold medals in hockey in the Olympics. Apart from this, Hima Das has raised the head of the country proudly by winning several gold medals in a row.  Now when the country is celebrating 73rd Independence Day, then every Indian citizen should decide that in the coming times, they should do such things which can increase the value of the country more.

15th August Speech in English 2020 for Students

August 15 is our national festival which the whole nation celebrates together.  August 15 is considered to be the best day in the history of India because on August 15, 1947, our country became independent by breaking the chains of slavery and how many freedom fighters lost their lives to liberate the country.  India gained independence after enduring slavery and tyranny of the British Empire for 200 years. In whose joy the whole country celebrates.

Today we are celebrating, breathing in the open, roaming free, but there was a time when people were struggling to get freedom.  The British had tortured Indians a lot and the people were tolerating it. But in our country, there were born such precious priests who gave up everything to get freedom for India.  But the most noticeable thing here is that it is not that they did not have family. But he did not think of his family but of the family of the whole country and just went out to fight for freedom.  But in the battle to liberate Mother India by tying shroud on her head, she had to suffer many troubles. It was due to those freedom fighters that India became independent and it is only because of the sacrifice of those great people that we all together are celebrating India's 72nd Independence Day on 15 August.

Many valiant sons of India lost everything to get freedom for this country, they did not even care about their own life and finally they gave freedom to the country.  But now it is our duty to follow the path shown by them and maintain India's integrity, unity, pantheism. Here is our motherland and we are free citizens of free India.  We should always protect our country from bad people. It is not just the army or police personnel standing on the border but it is the responsibility of all of us to take our country forward and make it the best country in the world… and finally something special for this special day  Line.…

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best independence day speech in english

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